Perilous World Radio 04/13/22

Alan, Jan and David Masters discuss the perils within the healthcare system today. Alan addresses his discouragement with his care at a local hospital and feels doctors are more concerned with appeasing the pharmaceutical companies rather than giving proper long-term care. 


In today’s world, with the media trying to shape our mindsets and our morals, we need to be connected and intune with our Internal Guidance System, the father within, rather than trying to connect with the world. Alan shares a story of his friend that he spent the week with in Florida and a dilemma he saw with his young son who was wearing earrings. He discusses how we as parents need to be aware and strong with what we instill in our impressionable children. When it comes to school systems strongly teaching children about transgender identity we need to especially not cause additional gender confusion. Confusion separates us from common sense.


David says that many need something or someone to fill the void of what we were robbed of at a younger age. This can lead us down a perilous road trying to earn approval from the wrong sources. God is the only one from which we should seek approval. 


Jan addresses that even though it’s important that we don’t base our self worth on the opinions of people, we must not shut down to caring about how we can be of value to people. No man or woman is an island and we do need each other while staying true to God’s inner presence.


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