Perilous World Radio 04/11/22

Hour 1 – David is joined by Beau Hanson on today’s show. They talk about how damaging it is to encourage children that it’s ok to change their sex using hormones and surgeries and that children don’t have the mental faculties to make these life-altering decisions. On today’s Battlefront segment we have Colonel Tony Monaco and Civil Rights attorney Reese Loyd and they talk about how the kidnap plot of Gretchen Whitmer had 12 people involved and 8 of them worked for the FBI. They go on to talk about how 2 of the people got acquitted for the kidnapping plot and the other 2 are going to have a retrial because the jury was deadlocked. 


Hour 2 – David and Beau play clips of Roy Masters warning us America is being destroyed from within. They talk about how everyone is hypnotized and that it started with Adam and Eve, when they fell from grace. They discuss how sound frequencies can have an effect on the human body and how certain ones are more powerful than others.


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