Perilous World Radio 04/05/22

Teaching Young Children Sexual Orientation in Schools, Population Control, Body Rights, Seven Deadly Sins.

David Masters is joined by Patrick J. Kelly, the “Country Lawyer”, and addresess many controversial topics; such as, teaching young children sexual orientation as young as kindergarten, abortion rights, our public school systems grooming our future for evil, and Elon Musk working from the inside to hopefully change the limit on free speech and culture of hate.

In a speech in relation to abortion rights, Patrick discusses “My Body, My Choice” and says because of the draft, men have never had that right, and today especially because of the vaccination, it’s a myth we ever had complete rights of our bodies.

What does the state need from our children? Pat says, “Nothing good” and discusses the toxicity in some states’ public schools systematically destroying our children and communities. It is our responsibility to recognize this behavior and take action or get away from it. 

This is the same for us in that we must gain control of our highly self-destructive behavior before we are punished. There is nothing but darkness behind these actions as we go against God’s will giving in to the Seven Deadly Sins.He says that if you are a gluttonous person, you most likely will suffer or die an obese person from related diseases, same suffering goes for promiscuity and STDs, drug addictions and the toll on our bodies and relationships. 

Because of the current political poisoning of our country, there’s an influx of Conservative Christians and God-willing there will be a reckoning. Elon Musk is awakening to our free speech being stifled and social media housing hate. With his recent purchase into Twitter and now joining the Board of Directors, there is hope there will be a voice of reason at the helm.


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