Perilous World Radio 04/04/22

Today’s Episode of Perilous World Radio: Tax Mis-Spendings, Taking Back Our Political Process, Agricultural Know-How and much more.


Alan, David and Beau discuss some of the current governmental mis-spendings and betrayals, such as the Secret Service spending $30,000 per month of our tax dollars to protect Hunter Biden in his Malibu mansion.


It’s Monday, so we’re joined by Patriot Outreach’s, Col. Tony Monaco and Steve Rylander. They introduce us to special guest, Kevin Ennett of Tactical Civics, where he addresses how We the People have lost control of our political process and the way we can get it back is at the city and county level. (


With pure media brainwashing, Beau addresses the evils of Hollywood and even touches on the meaning behind the name “Hollywood”; a small holly branch used as a magical wand for satanic spells.

David shares poignant Roy Masters clips as he speaks of how we are part of our own enslavement and living a life captured by our own ego. 


With his passion for regenerative and sustainable agriculture, Beau discusses healthier weed control and what Roundup and the alike are actually doing to our ecosystem. Alan and Mike Jones discuss their favorite foods to plant. And they touch on some corruptive farming; such as, Bill Gates now being the #1 farm owner in the US, and the US government paying US farmers to NOT grow food on 65% of farmland.


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