Perilous World Radio 03/15/23

The Rising Tide

Alan Masters is our host for today’s Perilous World Radio show as he invites his sister Diane to join him via telephone to discuss life and Roy Masters warnings.  Do we have a responsibility for the life that we live and for the things that we’ve done? What are you willing to give up for salvation?

·   Being honest with yourself

·   Roy Masters and his books

·   Learn every day from your life

·   Excuses are worse than a lie

·   We’ve been warned

·   Hypocrisy

Diane closes the show by leaving us with advice that will set you free.  If you can learn not to hate the wrongdoers in life, you move up into a place where you a truly a free happy soul.  See you tomorrow for another edition of the

Perilous World Radio show!


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