Perilous World Radio 03/10/22

Hour 1 - On today’s show we have David Masters, Allison Masters, Jan Masters, and Mike Jones. They talk about how evil isn’t having to hide anymore and it’s out in the open. They discuss how we live in a time where we have to watch what we say online because we can get shut down for saying the wrong thing. They talk about how they feel a lot of people felt they had no other options than to get the covid shot because of health or age reasons. 


Hour 2 - David, Allison, Jan, and Mike talk about how people in the US who previously have said that we need to get rid of guns are now changing their minds after seeing what is happening in Ukraine. They talk about how we are seeing a rise in virtual reality technology and they think that one day soon people are going to be integrating with technology. They discuss how they think that the Anti-Christ will be soon making his appearance.


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