Perilous World Radio 03/08/22

Hour 1 – David is joined by his wife Allison Masters and by country lawyer Pat Kelly on today’s show. They talk about how we in the US need to be prepared for gas prices to continue to climb and for food prices to start going up soon. They discuss how some celebrities are saying that people in the US are going to have to pay more for things in order to not support tyranny, but meanwhile they are all millionaires and this doesn’t affect them at all. They talk about how some news reporters are saying how shocked they are that Ukraine is being invaded because it’s a European country and that it’s shocking but they would understand if this was happening in a country in the Middle East. 


Hour 2 – David, Allison, and Pat talk about how Vice President Kamala Harris is saying that the US convey of truckers are hurting the environment and it will have lasting effects that other generations will have to deal with. They talk about how people have lost faith in the CDC because everything they told us about covid was wrong.


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