Perilous World Radio 02/14/23

Oh Say Can You See

David Masters, and Country Lawyer Pat Kelly host today’s show as they discuss topics from unidentified flying objects to the poisoning of people.  What a Perilous World!

·   Psychedelic Disbelief

·   John Kirby object flying over U.S. airspace

·   Press Sec KJP struggles to communicate on Ballongate

·   Emotional addiction is when the body becomes dependent

·   Devil’s Advocate

·   Dr. Ryan Cole – Spike Protein Inside Every Single Cancer Cell

·   Bill Maher – objectivity was always nearly impossible

·   Alex Jones – The statement by the board of Veritas

·   Dr. Robert Malone on the exposed Pfizer employee

·   Dr. Jessica Rose Lipid Nanoparticles Accumulate in the Ovaries

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