Perilous World Radio 02/09/23

Art of Contradiction

David Masters, Pat Kelly, and Mike Jones take on today’s Perilous World Radio

show.  From infiltration to treason, the men take on topics that may ruffle a few feathers. 

·   Clay Higgins tells former Twitter to prepare to be arrested

·   Press Sec- Republicans Were Jeering and Behaving

·   Roy Masters – The Art of Contradiction

·   Inviting an attack

·   Ben Shapiro- speech Was One of the Worst

·   Objectivity is the new freedom

·   Dr. Strange Love clip

·   Never invite Matt Walsh to a hearing… Ever

·   Joe Rogan on The Twitter Files

·   Fauci is a fan of The Godfather

Pat Kelly wraps it up for us as he gives us advice, it’s not always wrong to take care of yourself first.  It’s the right thing to do.  Make yourself independent, free-thinking, and secure, to go out into the world to start fixing things.  David chimes in and says to get ahead of the curb, for objectivity will be the only freedom you have left in this world, and with the help of the “Be Still and Know” meditation exercise you can do just that.


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