Perilous World Radio 02/08/23

Old World

David Masters and Jan Masters host the “hump day” Wednesday Perilous World Radio show.  David and Jan discuss how pandora’s box has been opened and how the “old world” has been taken over by the new generation alphabet.

·   Greatest Generation

·   Joe Biden is weak. Joe Biden can’t stand up to China

·   Tucker Carlson is not impressed with non-binary Sam Smith

·   This is not a joke!

·  Isn’t God’s message good enough?

·  Whoopi Goldberg- Biden Needs to Address GOP ‘Freaks’

·  Nation of Laws

·  Joe Biden booed into the next realm by Republicans

·  Sarah Huckabee nails the response

·  The Golden Calf

·  Trump- We’re all going looking for a little plugin

With what’s happening around the world, the “Be Still and Know” meditation exercise will help give you a little peace of mind.


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