Perilous World Radio 02/08/22

Hour 1 - David is joined on today’s show by his wife Allison and by Pat Kelly. They talk about how it’s very hard to go against what the majority of people are saying or doing and it’s designed that way in order to keep you in line with what the rest of the masses are doing. They discuss how when Jesus Christ was alive he was an outcast and only praised by a select few and how we can see similarities in people trying to speak the truth now. They play a clip of Roy Masters explaining that in order to get the masses to go against someone or an idea all the media has to do is to defame it.


Hour 2 - David, Allison, and Pat talk about how the Canadian government is threatening to prosecute US citizens if they send money to support the truck drivers who are on strike. They talk about how more and more people are fully immersing themselves in virtual environments and not caring about experiencing life in the real world. They talk about how what you are seeing and hearing affects who you are, so you need to surround yourself with good people and uplifting programs.


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