Perilous World Radio 02/07/23

Recipe for Destruction

David Masters and Pat Kelly take on today’s Perilous World Radio show.  This dynamic duo speaks of a quick descent into hell if we don’t change our ways.

·   Bargain with Satan, you will lose

·   No pleasantry in hell

·   Tucker Carlson is not impressed with non-binary Sam Smith

·   Dr. Robert Malone Your mind is the new battleground

·   Unclean spirits

·   Maher- Woke Revolution-Like Mao’s Cultural Revolution

·   McCarthy think the police officer did his job

·   THE COVID CRIMINALS The Fraudulent PCR tests

·   Roy Masters

Join us again tomorrow as our host take us for a ride on the truth train.  Don’t forget to visit for the “Be Still and Know” meditation exercise to help build the firewall for your mind.


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