Perilous World Radio 02/02/23

Pass the Popcorn

The trio, David Masters, Pat Kelly, and Mike Jones host today’s Perilous World Radio show to discuss righteousness, culture, and divine intervention.

·   Eliminating concealed weapons permits

·   The Happiest Place on Earth

·   Damar Hamlin posts a video update

·  Turning the country

·  Bad book equals 5 years in prison

·  Tucker- Antifa mobilizing to commit violence as political militia

·   Trump- My personality kept us out of war.

·   Trump- United States every day as April Fools’ day

·   Make it right again

·   Trump- We're all going looking for a little plugin

Tune in tomorrow as our hosts wrap up this week’s Perilous World Radio show with more discussion on life, relationships, and the Almighty.


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