Perilous World Radio 01/28/22

Hour 1 - David hosts today’s show solo. David talks about how watching the news right now is like watching a title wave of insanity. David plays clips of looters being interviewed and they say that it’s okay for them to be looting stores because it’s reparations for slavery. David talks about how looters and rioters are under mass hypnosis. 


Hour 2 - David talks about how the left media wants you to doubt the truth; because when you doubt the truth you will believe what they are saying. David plays clips from a woman who spent 34 years as a transgender man; but changed back when she found Jesus. David goes on to talk about how if you are very close with someone you have a mental connection to them and you can often tell how they are doing or if you think about them they all of a sudden will call you.


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