Perilous World Radio 01/26/22

Hour 1 – David hosts today’s show solo. David talks about how people worship Jesus Christ instead of God and he doesn’t think this is the correct thing to do. David talks about the show The Chosen, which depicts Jesus Christ’s life and how it’s such a great show because it shows the human side of Jesus. David talks about how when you do something good you subconsciously feel like then it’s ok if you do something bad.


Hour 2 – David has a special guest Baron Baptiste on the show. They discuss how the Devil is always there trying to tempt you when you are at your most vulnerable. They talk about how Jesus never wanted to be put up on a pedestal but people are constantly doing that. They talk about how easily people can be manipulated into conforming to peer pressure if everyone around them is saying that something is true, even if you know that it isn’t true.


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