Perilous World Radio 01/25/22

Hour 1 - David is joined once again by Pat Kelly on today’s show. They talk about how when they both had covid and at their weakest they either felt compelled or heard a voice telling them to kill themselves and how other people are reporting the same thing. They talk about how people are addicted to being afraid and that is why the fear of covid is still so prevalent. They discuss how what is happening right now is just a test to see if governments are able to get and maintain complete control over their citizens.


Hour 2 - David and Pat talk about how it’s disgusting that people are advocating forcing kids to get the covid vaccine with all of its possible side effects, just because some people are afraid that the kids might spread it to them. They talk about how right now more than 81% of Americans think the country is heading down the wrong track. They discuss how parents allowing/encouraging their children to change their gender is the evilest thing a person can do because it will negatively impact that child for the rest of their life.


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