Perilous World Radio 01/24/23

Faith, Hope, and Charity

David Masters and Pat Kelly host today’s Perilous Worl Radio show.  Country Lawyer, Pat Kelly, lets loose and delivers the truth no matter how harsh it seems


·   Biden lashes out at GOP after Pelosi assault- McCarthy responds.

·   Seven Deadly Sins

·   Planned disintegration of American Culture

·   Democrat Media Complex Politicizes Anger of the Right

·   Anger is not a Sin.

·   Fox News- Paul Pelosi attack doesn’t add up David Webb

·   Klobuchar on Paul Pelosi Attack- ‘MAGA Extremists

·  Tom MacDonald – Brainwashed

·   NPR Reports on the missing details of Paul Pelosi’s attack

·  1011 Vatican exorcist reveals most haunting experiences

Thank you for joining us today.  We will be back tomorrow for more truth that

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