Perilous World Radio 01/21/22

Hour 1 – Alan is joined once again by his wife Jan and also Mike Jones on today’s show. They play some clips from Roy Masters and Roy says that people are either rebelling or mindlessly conforming. They talk about how liberals won’t budge one step, and that compromise is needed in order to have a fair government. They talk about how Roy Masters’ greatest lesson that he gave us is to take time to reflect before you make decisions.


Hour 2 – Alan, Jan, and Mike talk about how more and more people are waking up and turning away from the left’s political views. They talk about Roy Masters’ meditation and how it came from the Bible. They discuss how there will most likely be a big drop-off on people in the UK wanting to get vaccinated since it is no longer required. They talk about how the numbers for covid deaths have dropped drastically and how the mainstream media is trying to cover that fact by only talking out about how many new cases there are.


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