Perilous World Radio 01/19/23

Malfunctioning Matrix

On today’s Perilous World Radio show, David Masters, Pat Kelly, and Mike Jones take us on a journey in search of truth, and to expose the Devil’s plan.

· Gore Boiling the Oceans ‘Rain Bombs,’ a Billion Climate Refugees\

· WEF - Hate Speech Is Soon to Be Illegal In US

· ll Thessalonians 2:11 New King James Version

· Candice Owens - control words, they can control thoughts

·  Kerry- Being ‘Good Citizens’ on Climate Causes More Expensive

· Kerry -Taking ‘Some Risk’ to Ensure Green Transition

·  MSNBC’s Reid- Marjorie Taylor Greene on Committees

·  The delusion is strong with Joy Behar.

·  Paul Joseph Watson the matrix is malfunctioning

·  Paul Ryan project his own failures onto Trump

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