Perilous World Radio 01/19/22

Hour 1 - Alan is joined by his wife Jan on today’s show. They talk about Martin Luther King Jr. and how they believe he was assassinated because he was unifying the country in peace and there is a group of people trying to rule this country that relies on all of us being divided. For today’s Battlefront segment we have Colonel Monaco and Dr. Dawn Weston and they talk about how parents are finally waking up and realizing that their children are not getting taught what they need to know in school and that they are being taught things that go against their morals. 


Hour 2 - Alan and Jan talk about how groups have been trying to destroy the US since the beginning of the formation of the country and that right now they have almost succeeded. They discuss how we need reminders of what happened in history in order to not forget and that is the reason why people are tearing down monuments. They go on to talk about how one of the best ways we can be divided is turning children against their parents and that is happening a lot right now.


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