Perilous World Radio 01/11/23

Returning to Sanity

David Masters and Jan Masters take on the “hump day Wednesday” Perilous World Radio show as the duo addresses how we are at war within, as we are surrounded by giants. 

·        Bannon… The world is on fire Corporate Media hides

·        87,000 IRS agents possibly defunded

·        McCarthy as Speaker promises

·        Russ Vought joined Emerald Robinson McCarthy

·        Oversight Committee Chair- Is This President Compromised

·        Battlefront Segment with Colonel Monaco; Patriot Outreach needed more than ever.

·        Lost More Americans to Fentanyl Than Vietnam War’

·        Matt Gaetz drops the mother lode

·        Jim Jordan raises hell today

Join us tomorrow as David Masters, Country Lawyer Pat Kelly, and Mike Jones tackle more topics that people run from.  Visit for the “Be Still and Know” meditation exercise to help build the firewall of your mind.


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