Perilous World Radio 01/11/22

Hour 1 – Alan is joined once again by Pat Kelly on today’s show. They talk about how they think that the US government keeps making stricter and stricter rules regarding covid because they want us to rise up against them so that way they can implement a complete lockdown in response. They discuss how people like to live vicariously through others they see on television when they really should be living their own lives. They talk about how relationships require work and that is another reason why so many people choose to just stay home and watch TV.


Hour 2 – Alan and Pat talk about how they don’t make wholesome movies, with good messages, like they used to and how it’s sad. They talk about how woke people are actually asleep because if they were awake they would be out helping their fellow man and not putting them down instead. Mike Jones joins Alan and Pat for the last half hour of today’s show. They talk about the amazing and instant connection you feel when a grandchild is born. They discuss how they think everyone is going to eventually get covid and you can’t live your life in fear of it, but instead live every day to the fullest.


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