Perilous World Radio 01/10/22

Hour 1 - Alan hosts today’s show by himself. He talks about how we all have a voice in our head telling us to do things that we know are wrong and how we need to not listen to it. He talks about how there are 50 shades of gray when it comes to telling the truth. On today’s Battlefront segment Colonel Monaco talks about when he first heard about Roy Masters and all of the times that Roy’s meditation has helped servicemen and women. 


Hour 2 - Alan talks about how people are like uncut diamonds and we all have to be rubbed on the grindstone in order to smooth us out. He talks about how God is constantly telling us what we need to do in order to have a long and happy life but we are constantly rebelling against it and clinging to our sins. Alan goes on to talk about how we need to stop making excuses as to why we keep messing up and to own it and to choose to make better decisions in the future.


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