Perilous World Radio 01/07/22

Hour 1 - Jan Masters returns for today’s show along with Alan Masters and Mike Jones. They talk about how when you are driving around a race track that you can’t look at the wall or else you will drive into it because you turn the wheel in the direction you are looking and how this is a metaphor about life and how you need to be looking at where you need to go and not at the walls. They talk about how if you commit a sin in your heart it is the same as committing it for real. 


Hour 2 - Alan, Jan, and Mike talk about how we don’t need anyone's approval except for God’s. They discuss how when people do something wrong they justify it by saying that it’s ok because they do a lot of other good things. They talk about how if you are feeling tempted to do something you need to take a minute to meditate and ask God to help and it will make the temptation go away.


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