Perilous World Radio 01/06/22

Hour 1 - On today’s show we have Alan Masters, Jan Masters, and Mike Jones. The topic of today’s show is being authentic and how people are afraid to be their authentic selves around others. They discuss how we don’t truly have free speech in the US anymore and how you have to post things in code in order for your message to get out into the world. They talk about how religion shouldn’t make you feel good, like a drug, but instead feel comfort and joy. 


Hour 2 - Alan, Jan, and Mike talk about how you can’t automatically judge people good just because they read the Bible or go to church. They talk about how Alan and Jan decided a few years ago that they needed to make a major shift in how they were living their lives and how much better they are now because of it. They talk about how confusing it is right now for girls growing up and trying to figure out their identity because they want to be equal with boys and they are told they can be equal with them by either artificially changing their gender or by having as much sex as they want and getting abortions afterward.


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