Perilous World Radio 01/05/22

Hour 1 – Alan and Mike Jones host today’s show. They talk about how you can’t live a life of sin and plan on repenting later because you might not get the chance to repent before God calls you home. They discuss how it takes most people having a reckoning happen in their lives in order to turn them towards God and to stay on the straight and narrow path. They talk about mass formation psychosis and how a good chunk of the world is under it when it comes to covid and mask restrictions. 


Hour 2 – Alan and Mike talk about how God has laid out the plan for our lives, and just because we can’t see the complete plan ourselves doesn’t mean that it’s not all there. They talk about how everyone knows right from wrong, but people get caught up in the drunkenness of life and get all spun around. They discuss how a lot of people are given a platform to speak on and it’s up to us if we are going to use that platform to spread good or evil.


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