People Eaters

Roy Masters

Corrupters of America’s Youth

In politics, nothing happens by chance. We are surrounded by injustice, engineered to induce a toxic emotional climate, through which our thinking is subtlety altered and nudged towards the diabolical political agenda of communism. 

The downfall of America started with destroying the morals of the individual. It’s just a matter of time when a brainwashed electorate will vote away the Constitution and bring an end to freedom as we know it.

Beginning with empowerment, they transferred the “liberated” woman’s loyalty from the family to themselves. Fatherless children were delivered over to strangers, government caregivers and the seductive television media.

When the spider eats the fly, the fly becomes the spider. Likewise, when people violate your soul and eat out your heart, something of you is transformed. A lifetime of gradually feeding pieces of yourself to others changes you into one of them. 

“The Invasion of the Body Snatchers” movie is becoming reality. Nearly everyone in this “brave new world” has been transformed to the point where you dare not cry for help.

In order to be made one of them, your commonsense must be put to sleep, first with anger and then permanently–with painkillers provided. 

“The downfall of America started with destroying the morals

the individual”

As a child you had good reason to resent school, parents and perhaps America. You did not realize that your over-reaction to all that injustice and crazy miseducation made you behave exactly the way they wanted you to.

Slowly but surely, against your will, they began transforming you into one of them. Resentful, sex-crazed, drugged and drunk you fell into the permanent sleep of doubting your own sensibility and entrusting your sufferings to the “experts” in the Matrix.

You couldn’t possibly know that your rebellion and conformity were destined to make you one of them. Unless you can stop being so resentful, escape from your programmed roles is futile.

Childhood is where that programming of the flesh began, and where the political embodiment of paradise lost…slipped inside.

The conditioning of many is now being tested and called out to bring down America.

Converts will fall in line with those authorities who once hated their youthful innocence, and have now turned them against the good that America is trying to be. Just as you are struggling to be who you really are, so are other Americans locked in a struggle against the now-visible politics of their childhood.

As you can see, this message comes to you with an offer of help from a survivor, one who is neither a rebel nor conformist.