Parental Injustice: The Cause of Violence Pt 2

Roy Masters - From How To Survive Your Parents

continued...Without realizing it, you pass on the nature you inherited to your child while devouring his substance. Having fallen, you are part of a "food chain" –giving up life to your own personal tormentors and trying to take it back by taking it out on your kids. It is such a relief to be cruel and impatient that you may not see the harm in it. 

Why do you suppose classic horror movies can still rivet our attention? It is because they are shocking reminder of how things really are. We are like people bitten by vampires, a cast of zombies whose reward is to attain to vampire status ourselves. And never forget that somewhere behind the scenes there is an invisible daddy Dracula, feeding us lies and security, sucking in our life, drawing all humanity to himself. 

Now take a second look at what it really means to take out your feelings of hostility on others. We are victims who serve and mimic our master. We may not want to hurt others, but are compelled to do so because of our own hurt. 

A leader’s special blood-sucking power and pseudo-happiness is proportionate to the mass of egos he can inspire (and degrade) through the appeal to their pride. 

One can gain power through exhorting fools to dreams of power, glory and success. On the other hand, power can also be gained by degrading people. Indeed, there are many who are addicted to being punished and degraded; they feel loved and fulfilled through acts of cruelty. Either way, temptation is at work. The special effect of corruption, whether pleasant or unpleasant, is the bizarre feeling that one is becoming what the other person is. For many of us, that is the only way of ever becoming anything. 

It is fairly common knowledge that a drug addict feels like a king attended by his pusher, when reality the pusher is king. The victim rarely forsees his own destruction. He sees death as life, a movement forward greatness; to his psychotic ego, the process of physical dying is a very real survival need. And so it is with all sensual experience. 

People die to their systems and to their cultures, and leaders feed on the masses like masses like vampires and spiders, while Satan feeds and projects himself into us all. 

For God’s sake, save your children from a fate worse than death: change the polarity of your own soul from pride to humility. Only then will you experience the divine power coming through you, which has absolute authority over evil and errant behavior. You will have the strength and courage to sever your rebellious children from the hypnotic influence of their "friends." And for God’s sake, throw those record players out of the house! 

Children need authority; they can only grow in relationship to it. But false authority inflames a child’s desire for forbidden things, especially those in which temptation comes disguised as goodness and light. "Don’t" becomes "do." After that, any rescue attempt drives the victim deeper toward psychosis, mental aberrations, a life of sin, of crime or, perhaps, bizarre cult religions. 

Fathers must realize that they have submitted themselves, through their weakness, to the system under which women have been since the fall of man. And men must realize that, in order to save their children from sin, they themselves must be saved from their own private love/hate sexual addiction to "momma’s" charms and aggravations. Remember the immutable rule concerning the feminine mystique: the comforter and the corrupter are one and the same spirit. 

The corrupter is king! 

One way or another, women are always trying to change men. But even the attempt to bring about "positive" change is really tantamount to temptation because, if the woman succeeded in her efforts, it would make her the creator of the man, a role which rightfully belongs only to God. 

It is the man who ought to help the woman change and be saved from that which tempted the original pair in the Garden, through giving up his selfish use of her in her favor of love. In this fashion, woman would be born of man, and man of God, as was the intended pattern. But man born of woman inherits a weakness which call up reinforcement from his "creator" –putting her in the terrible dilemma of wondering what to do with her illegitimate offspring. She feels guilty for wanting to get rid of him, but to nurse and coddle him is an embarrassment too. 

Irrational female behavior is directly proportionate to the age-old use which man calls love. Contrary to popular belief, less sex is better sex. Sex modified by an overriding concern for the woman’s well-being produces the true fulfillment. When it is enjoyed this way, a man will want less sex so that he may experience the joy of true love that eventually transcends sex altogether. 

Gentlemen, you will do well to realize that your sexual desires are the outcrop of the deep and mysterious original mortal failing of pride, which gives women unreasonable power. Then evil rules through her seductive influence, reducing male children to momma’s boys, men to mice, drunks, homosexuals or violent beasts. 

Full of pride and ambition, weak men cannot stand alone without the female ego-sexual support. Wrong men—ambitious men—need a mother or a wife to stand behind them; but who, may I ask, is standing behind her? The devil, of course. 

In your apparent desire to do some imagined "good," you have unwittingly infected your offspring with some form of pride. Look carefully and you will see that part of the reason you did it was that your own ego was threatened by the selfhood and the relative innocence of your child. Your (inferior) ego is love and power hungry. Your childhood traumas have made you the coward who becomes the bully to try to regain respect. Weak before the strong, you can’t resist experiencing the relief which comes from being strong before the weak. As I said, we can relieve hurt by hurting others; it’s the way of the dog-eat-dog world. 

Pressure education contributes its share of destruction. Those who do rise ambitiously in the social order cling patriotically to the mother system, trampling all over their brothers to get the most rewarding spot, while those who rebel gravitate to their own reassuring, bloodsucking leaders. Thousands of drop-outs fall out of the system every year into the gutter, seeking success there. 

You can see your kids being exploited by their fiend-friends. But what you can’t see is that they can see you being taken in by your rotten system of friends and government. You can see what is wrong with others, but you cannot see your own folly. The "progress" of pride carries with it the seeds of its own destruction. 

Survival within any system to which you belong depends on your being treacherous, sly, ruthless, hypocritical and cruel. Leader-power depends in abandoning principles of honesty, motivating others through deceit and rewarding greed, selfishness, avarice, lust, thievery and exploitation. What a criminal chain gang of command we support in the name of country, religion and business! 

No matter which way you slice it, we are all taken as we take. No one really minds though, because when we are taken, there arises in us a sense of duty to our selfish desires and to our leaders, and we find satanic delight as we carry out that "duty" through corrupting the innocent. 

The street order differs from the accepted order of society only in that gutter people are more open about the vile and vicious things they do for kicks, power and glory. All proud people feel they have the right to survive at any price, no matter who must pay it. When they exercise this "right" to exist through someone else’s suffering, it restores to them a temporary sense of dignity and power. Each kill feeds the implanted identity and makes it feel good. Hovering like a vulture over souls who live buy hook or by crook is yet another lying spirit, and over it, another. At the very end of the chain of human misery is some unseen, horrible thing sucking mankind unto himself. Believe it or not, parenthood is the threshold through which this inhuman system of things comes into existence. 

"The 'progress' of pride carries with

it the seeds of its own destruction."

Pain is the agony the soul feeds as it dies and reawakens with Satan’s nature. In our pride, we survive by manipulating and forcing others to give up their substance just the way we gave up ours. We have the devil’s identity and we eat his soul food. Destruction is the devil’s (re)creation. We have been dehumanized and recreated to serve a new master under a new system and we do his work, evangelize his way and receive his comforts. 

This evil thing living within us all is constantly projecting itself and devouring succeeding generations. Children escape one brand of evil only to become trapped later in other ways. The Lord said that the sins (failures) of the fathers are visited (projected) unto the third and fourth generations of them that hate me. Workers who have the simple skills to do their jobs and kids who have a natural eagerness to learn do not satisfy the lust of authorities, who need to be needed. So they pressure and tease, driven to destroy the natural order which would serve God and replace it with a system which they can administrate. In this world, death is great business. 

The masses have always been debilitated and destroyed by cruel government, religion and heartless commerce. Parents come home drained by the pressures of inhuman work. Then what do they do? They take their frustrations out on their kids, laying waste their children’s souls to drink from them the life to replace what they have lost to the system. 

Now the violated child himself goes out seeking to retrieve life—beating up old ladies, getting kicks from drugs, music and booze. If you do not find grace, you will be hurt, and hurt compels you to help yourself by passing on that hurt to others.

There are many subtle forms of temptation—for example, the old mother who scrubs floors so her son can go through medical school, hoping against hope that this supreme sacrifice will gain her son’s respect. Like this old woman, many martyrs have a selfish goal for which they are sacrificing themselves; thus they end up being taken. You know the unhappy ending. As a rich doctor, the son’ s big, fat, spoiled ego feels too superior to associate with his grasping, sniveling (and yes—manipulating, glory-seeking) mother. He might even throw her into the poorhouse to live out her wretched life alone with the rejection and resentment she has been set up to enjoy. Without realizing it, mother created a cruel and evil monster; the prideful nature she encouraged in her son in hopes that it would adore her, turned instead on its creator. 

By hook or by crook does the tempter kill—the effect is always the same. Whether he stands in the pulpit, exciting and glorifying hypocritical sheep, or rules as a rabble-rousing Hitler, extolling the virtues of evil, his power is gained from turning on his followers; these, in turn, fill their egos from those underlings whom they can find to destroy. Surely this must explain such inhuman phenomena as Nazi Germany and the mayhem perpetrated throughout the ages at the hands of religious maniacs. Religious conscripts are obliged to degrade others to soothe the pain of their own surrender. They accomplish this through the cruelty of forcing religion down their children’s throats and by torturing the people around them—applying enormous, unbearable pressure—in the name of saving their souls. Child abuse by such psychic methods is commonplace. 

We are all effects of a cause, seeking to be causes ourselves. We are events seeking the power to make things happen. Desperately we strive to imprint, impress and affect others in order to know ourselves as gods—and, God, what destructive effects we have! We actually get satisfaction from destroying the things around us; we work like hell to break others down to build ourselves up. Whether we realize it or not, we always revitalize ourselves at other people’s expense. 

Whoever reacts to guile, whether they are tortured or seduced, gives up life-force power, and that power is temporary relief to the tormentor. Then the tormentor, in turn, is tormented and drained by one still higher in the dog-eat-dog chain gang. Untold violence is done in the name of molding good citizens, provoking more violence in response to the injustice of hypocrisy. Noble reasons may be given to justify the process, but what it amounts to is creating a vehicle, powered by weakness of people, in which the fat cats in the political and criminal world ride to success. 

Two forces are at work here, both emanating from the same source. Satan tempts you to break the law on the one hand so he can enslave you by enforcing the law on the other. Now see the dilemma your children are in. Everyone who wants to help them really wants to help himself to them. Everyone wants a little piece of the action. Even when the victims do see how they have been deceived, their pride, which has grown more guilty, tends to make them reach outward for reassurance again, sinking even lower, away from the shaming but redeeming light.

You are the one who ought to protect your child from the abyss of evil, but you cannot if you are still part of the system of pride. Your "help" will hurt, because you represent the wrong type of authority, just as your parents, fools that they were, represented to you. 

Nevertheless, when all is said and done, have compassion on your poor old mom and dad. Mother never knew a proper father or husband to love and correct her. How could she touch you with the correcting love she has never known? Your father’s mother set his ego up to enjoy your mother’s wrong and to cultivate it to support the wrong in him. So her ugliness grew with the power dad gave her to destroy you. Bear this in mind—your parents may have wanted to do right by you in part, but the spoiled, ignorant part of them was stronger and had its way, tempting you and feeding on your confusion. 

Resist the temptation to hate your parents’ injustice and you will begin to discover how to stop drawing up violence in your own children. Innocence is your only protection! Evil cannot draw substance from or project its nature into those who have found salvation. Yearn for faith and patience, which will form a shield, a perfect force field that will protect both you and your family from the biting chills of hell. Through patience, which cannot hurt or be hurt, comes the correcting force of love. 


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