Perilous World Radio 01/17/24

Overcoming the Animal Nature

Alan and Jan Masters host today's Perilous World Radio show, which focuses on the "things" emanating from the "UN-Holy" Spirit that pull us away from the Holy Spirit. These things can take the shape of just about anything, but are prolific in our Internet/social media age. Like Adam and Eve, it seems we just cannot resist temptation. In the Garden, God warned them about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and that knowledge is everywhere today. 

Alan recently came back from the Consumer Electronics Show in "Sin City" (Las Vegas), showing off a pair of "smart" glasses that contain two cameras and a microphone, allowing people to surreptitiously record others, and do so in a "virtual reality" environment. There were many other "things" at the show, that tempt people to get pulled away from the Holy Spirit. We need a "reset"--and not the kind Klaus Schwab is pushing! We need to get our attention back to the Holy Spirit, and the Judeo-Christian meditation as rediscovered by Roy Masters (Founder of the Foundation of Human Understanding—FHU) is an amazing tool that helps us do just that. Go to to get access to the "7-Minute Meditation."

Roy Masters has a special gift that is available to everyone. He verbalized the conscience within--the recognition of which can awaken people from their "hypnotized" state! For more information on Roy Masters' books, lectures, and much more, go to FHU.Com.


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