Of Monkeys and Men

Roy Masters from 'Secrets Of A Parallel Universe'

When society's certified "healers" theorize that most of our troubles are sex-based, they come close to the truth, but they veer off in a wrong direction when they conclude that what we need is more sex.

They do so, of course, because they rest their case on one simple fallacy; namely, that we evolve like animals, and because we do, it is against our nature to resist what we feel.

They refuse to accept the fact that human beings, unlike the lower animals, come into the world already equipped with a conscience. They would rather believe that what we call "conscience" is simply a manifestation of what we have been "taught" or "trained" to accept as "right" by our authority figures.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that the human conscience is highly resistant to training and conditioning.

Contemporary scribes and pharisees, like their predecessors, never tell you the truth concerning your real origin, your real identity. They maintain that we are descendants of apes; therefore, we are emotional by nature and to restrain our "natural" feelings in any way is unnatural--contrary to nature.

They fail to recognize the truth; namely that we are human beings and should therefore not be easily tempted to live like animals.

True, we inherit a fleshly, fallen-animal state. Then, thanks to our other inheritance of pride, we fall ever lower through our efforts to defend (and find security in) our fleshly inheritance.

But the fact remains that animals have an animal nature and people have a human nature. A person's attempt to integrate both natures within himself can lead only to internal conflict.

When you tempt a person, you make a monkey out of him. If he does not wish to understand the error into which he has fallen, he will reach for more of the very thing that turned him into a monkey.

He will try to see himself as a nice upstanding monkey--and there you have the typical male/female relationship.

Man's sexual desire is the basic weakness that turns him into fair game for the female manipulator; but the attempt to give oneself up completely to the sexual fulfillment of the male or female animal nature will never sit well with the conscience of a man or a woman.

"Until we learn how to remain unaffected by the taunts and cruelties of others, we will respond to their attempts to anger, excite, and tempt us."

Our futile attempts to find and maintain our identity through the sex experience only make us more needful of more sex with which to escape the stirrings of conscience.

Until we learn how to remain unaffected by the taunts and cruelties of others, we will respond to their attempts to anger, excite, and tempt us.

The animal desires that our manipulators manage to stir up in us will build up until we reach the bursting point. Of course, it is unnatural to repress these feelings!

But look again. Surely it is equally wrong to express them. Animals have no such problems, simply because they are animals; but when we try to live by our animal nature, we do have problems.

And if we can see that either alternative is wrong for us, we should also be able to see that it is the reaction itself that must be at fault.

Swelling with pride, taking umbrage, lashing out in anger--these are the very essence of the fault, evidence of our slavery and ego weakness. But notice how we cling to our right to defend that sick pride against all comers, and how we are deteriorating because of it.

We do have to live in the world, but we should not be plugged into worldly motivation. Our thoughts and desires should be triggered by the God-given consciousness, deep within us, that some of us have yet to experience.

We should always feel like doing what we know is right. Instead, we do what we do and then we label it "right." Of course, if our body's response is triggered by something outside it, we have no control at all.

People can put pressure on us and manipulate us like puppets. They can excite us until our tongues hang out with longing for the very things that make our lives a hell and if we do not know how to resist their pressure, we will either explode or implode.

We can take just so much pressure and then we either have to give into it or fall apart. We fall prey to sicknesses and diseases of all kinds.

The ectoplasm of emotion will not be denied. Repress it, and it will still find expression, either in violence and lust, or in sickness and disease. As long as we react to temptation and pressure with emotion, we are in deep trouble.