Motive, Motivation, and Salvation

Roy Masters from 'How To Conquer Disease Without Doctors'

When you were young, you sought a missing something in the woods, in the fields, the streams, and in play. But when you grew up, that "something" either wasn’t there any more, or there never seemed to be enough of it to satisfy you.

There comes that time in life when nothing interests you and nothing can fill your craving for that mysterious something. What you are seeking, of course, is the life impulse, and that first phase of growing consists of seeking it in the natural world around you.

Another word for that life impulse is motivation. For animals there is only one kind of life and motivation, but for people there are two, and that is where your problem basically lies. The same motivation that builds a body to maturity corrupts and destroys you when that maturity is


The same energy source that builds people and civilizations eventually destroys them in their prime. A change is supposed to take place at a certain point in your human development, and that change has to do with a different kind of motivation from a higher source than can

be derived from the nature world that spawned you.

It is a quality of motivation and life that you seek, but there are many stumbling blocks in the way of finding it; your own ego is one. Also, people want to be the source of your stimulation to move, hence, to be in control of your life, like a God.

"Change has to do with a different kind of motivation from a

higher source"

Ever since the serpent first beguiled Eve and made man earthy, children, born of man's falling out of love with God and into "love" with woman, need sensual, animal stimulations in order to develop naturally.

The first phase of our lives involves earthy motivations, but the second part should involve discovering the original Divine motivation–grace. Not being able to find this state of consciousness is the underlying cause of drug addiction, alcoholism, depression, suicide–in fact, every problem you can think of.

Children develop slowly as compared with animals. The main reason is that, unlike animals, the human ego is obliged to seek out essential, psychic ego ingredients to establish a base pattern for the psyche to build physical substance around itself.

Animals don't have any ego need to grow. After ego-physical maturity has been reached and passed, the budding ego goes on to fashion a degenerate man out of natural man: A more lowly Adam type comes out of the natural man.

Since this truth is a self-evident fact that you can see happening to men every day, it should be easy to grasp the more abstract truth, which is that natural man descended from an even higher spiritual form.