Mommy Good, Daddy Bad?

Roy Masters

It's Not Always What It Seems!

What if Mommy had some unfinished business with her own dad and projected that resentment onto her husband?

Then the children would feel what mother feels and end up hating their own father. For one reason or another, women consciously or unconsciously set their husbands up to fail in their children's eyes.

The result is that invariably the children identify with mother and reject father’s correction in everything.

Even if dad is a good-natured soul, it will become increasingly difficult for him to play his role as a loving, correcting father figure that is so essential in every child's life. While father is at work, the children will often hear a continuous diatribe of how rotten he is.

Basically, it plays out like this. If mother sets father up to fail, frustrating him into violence or submission, then the children will tend to seek refuge in mother’s poisonous affection and become her slave--deceived into thinking it as loving devotion to her.

The female children will grow up as replicas of their mothers, playing roles of martyrs and victims, exponentially setting up their husbands to fail in their children's eyes – mommies are good and daddies are bad.

Therefore, as the family goes, so goes the whole country into political chaos. Male children tend to grow up playing the feminine role, frustrating any attempt of their sensible wives to discipline the children.

This will perpetuate the tyranny of mass debilitation and enslaving affection to government -- spoiling us “children” into securing our loyalties to leftist politicians.

"A socialist system has been planned to rise up and supplant our way of life."

Observe certain politicians using this same domestic power play, but in a more highly sophisticated form; psycho-political warfare against the American youth.

The left wants the country to see the president and the military (male figures) as terrorist liars, and the poisonous feminist left as saviors.

"Secular Humanism good; Christianity bad.?" Please use this information to examine your own family relationships because, unless we do, we shall surely lose our freedoms; it is only a matter of time.