Mister Nice

Roy Masters from

A woman has to be more careful than a man about choosing a mate.

Especially, she should watch out for Mr. Nice, the super-obliging Cheshire cat.

No matter how honest and hardworking or how devoted a husband to her such a man might be, if she learns he is not devoted first to justice, to

an unmistakable divine fire within, she will eat him alive.

A woman deeply desires to respect her husband—so much so, that the frustration of living with a sweet but characterless animal can bring out the witch in her and drive her to drink and to other men.

Unfortunately, most women are drawn to weak men—to a Mr. Meek and Mild, the Friendly Fiend. Let’s delve into the mystery of this weak and passive woman’s man.

Good, in its purest sense, is what every woman, like it or not, needs. Fairness and firmness are the only authorities to guile. By patiently jousting with her spirit, the husband possessed of such authority can rescue his wife from the agony of pride.

But agreeable Mr. Nice, by virtue of his guileful support (a sort of false love), serves instead only to frustrate and corrupt her.

"No mind involved in pleasure can be possessed of objectivity or foresight."

Perhaps you see the same kind of invisible genie forces corrupting your children, acting through their supportive

friends. You may see the danger of such friendships, but your children cannot; it is natural for their budding egos to enjoy being stroked.

Their thinking is, What can be so bad about what makes me feel good?

No mind involved in pleasure can be possessed of objectivity or foresight. It’s up to you to do something to protect your children.

But by standing angrily between them and their various craven needs (wants), you make matters worse. Your emotional interference reverses your intent, energizing their determination in favor of foolish endeavors and associations; yet if you stand silent, your seeming consent

supports their faults in another way.

Both that which you do and fail to do will make matters worse—and this principle holds true for just about any human situation imaginable.

Likelier than not, if you have a problem, its cause was a milquetoast or violent father. A weak dad sets up one to choose (if you are a woman) or to become (if a man) a weak husband.

Being a weak man means that you have a lot more of your mother in you than you perhaps care to see, and it is her nature in you which is attracted to the same kind of female spirit (dominant-supportive) in a wife.

Conversely, female offspring of a dominant mother and passive father are attracted to men they can mold and rule (or save)—for exactly

the same ego reasons the mother had in marrying a weak man.

As you read on, bear in mind a theme that will recur throughout this text: dominant and supportive women are one and the same, and weak and violent men are one and the same.


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