Mere Words

Roy Masters from ‘The Secret Power of Words’

Can you perceive now the difference between the “wordless word” in your heart and the “spoken word”?

The spoken word mis-leads and the wordless word leads. Deceit is the handmaiden of ambition and leads you like a donkey after a carrot.

The instant you are seduced by the lie, the wordless word becomes your enemy (conscience) and the lying word, established in your heart, becomes your friend and comforter.

Fall just one time, fail to do what you know is right, and quickly you will find it difficult to listen to yourself anymore. Down you go, yielding to unreasonable impulses, listening to excuses that rise in your mind, giving way to more feelings, and to wordy people sympathetic to those feelings. 

Knowledge dehumanizes the soul. The more words we heap up to our pride, the more brutal and heartless we become.

We excuse and rationalize our way through life, confusing and confounding ourselves. What is worse, we confuse others about what they see in us, in order to avoid detection. 

Mankind has two natures that war with each other continuously. The lower animal-nature rises from the failing of the higher nature. If we do not understand how this nature is sustained, and fail to turn from our prideful ways, we will give the lower nature power to rise up and literally consume us. 

This war goes on inside us between responsible and irresponsible, self-indulgent impulses. Once we give in to word-based feelings (or feeling-based words) it becomes harder to do what is wise and good, and more pleasant to obey words and ideas that allow us to express the vileness and violence of our evolving nature.

Words awaken the sensual giant; words lead and license the beast.  At first glance you might think that going to church or getting a good education are good and noble things.

The study of sciences, poetry, the arts and scripture should, to all appearances, lead to some sort of self-worth. Indeed they could be valuable, were the student able to appreciate their “pearls” of meaning, rather than eagerly devour them like a “pig” of pride.

It takes a horribly ambitious person to gobble up and feed his ego-beast with a steady diet of dry, dead rote.

Pridefully committed to this ego word-system, a vicious, self-seeking, ravenous beast evolves. Education does nothing but help its victim to rationalize every vile thing it must do to satisfy the cravings of the beast it has created. 

 “…loving God, keeping His law

in your heart,

is the whole duty of man”

Now you know the reason why many of those “pillars of society,” politicians, clergymen, and doctors, are so heartless; and why many live such perverted private lives. Hell is more exciting than heaven. 

The educational system is designed to screen out the most noble, while it rewards the most ambitious and ruthless. This is Satan’s world and only his servants (those who will abandon common sense and principle for the sake of power) get through to rule, with their degrees and cunning.

That is one reason why we have so much chaos and suffering in this world. 

The very Scripture we wrongfully absorb itself forbids conventional learning. In the passage cited at the beginning of this book, we read that “the letter killeth and the spirit giveth life.”

Solomon wrote, “Of making books there is no end; much learning is a weariness of the flesh.” He goes on to say that loving God, keeping His law in your heart, is the whole duty of man. 

We lose our reverence for educated men the moment we see the sin of learning. As soon as words are seen in the Light as mere words, then deception is unmasked; it loses its glamour and power to mislead the soul. 

The Nazarene who came to save the world from the sin of knowledge told his followers that all they needed to change eternal damnation to eternal life was to believe in the One who sent Him, and to live a life of pure faith.

The law on the books (the letter) was meant for those who had forgotten the law in the heart.

The ancient Israelites had missed the point entirely. They misused the intent of the Commandments and, in their pride, they dressed up in the holy words. 

If you will only let words bring you back to meaning, you can let go of words. Then they will lose their power and become just plain words, simply a way of understanding deeply and a way of communicating with one another in a meaningful way. .