Mental Gymnastics

Roy Masters

You are no doubt presently involved with the numerous fears and anxieties which have arisen from being emotionally upset and which come from being entangled in marital or business intrigues.

But hear this: MERELY THINKING IN TERMS OF REVENGE or trying to work out a problem through worry is another cause for fear and anxiety, not only because it is wrong, but because it evokes negative animal feelings. 

Daydreaming in offensive/defensive terms of carefully prepared speeches is sufficient to cause the sweating palm type of anxiety, the reason being that when one is lost in thinking, thoughts seem as real as reality, and it will appear as though the threatening personality in fantasy were there in body.

Therefore your body will respond as though it were fact. 

Having a person at bay in your head is more manageable than confronting him. In your fantasy world you can be brave in thought, word and deed. You can outfix and foil all sorts of imagined verbal attacks and physical assaults and still come out with your ego smelling like a rose.

While involved with all the mental gymnastics, your ego also evokes emotion, and emotion is the stuff escape as well as fantasy is made of. Other negative side effects are so numerous as to be uncountable. 

In order for your guilty ego to avoid realizing the Truth, and in your desperation to escape Reality, your ego’s need for escape grows to call upon a picture system to produce larger and larger amounts of emotional energy to fuel those mental adventures.

And so, without realizing what is causing your fears and disturbances, you live more and more guiltily in a tense emotional state where you cannot realize the reason for your anxiety. Think of it! You are presently emotionally reacting to your dream state as if it were an environment.

"While involved with all the mental gymnastics, your ego also evokes emotion, and emotion is the stuff escape as well as fantasy is made of. "

This process debilitates you. You become less (spiritually) equipped to face people in real life situations and even less willing to face the Reality within. So here comes the fantasy again.

You become more fearful, more guilty, yet more sensitive to the stresses of life, both real and imagined. 

Do you see how your ego tends to evoke the very emotions it should really be resolving? Can you see how that leads to guilt feelings, inferiority and resentment, and can you see how your ego needs for its escape the very stress that made it guilty? 

All inferiorities, anxieties, fears and emotional responses are therefore linked to secret attitudes.

These attitudes have, in some distant past, mysteriously and secretly separated you from a state of Grace and made you subject to the worldly authorities and their subtle pressures and offerings.

In your rebellion and in that struggle against realizing your enslavement, you used mentally aroused emotions as well as those emotions which arose from failing to cope with pressure itself.

And so, between the two, failing and not wanting to face your faults, the original sin state of pride is preserved and repeated until it kills you dead!