Lying Words Wield Power

Roy Masters from 'The Secret Power of Words'

Confirm what a person likes to think about himself, make him feel good about himself, and you have that person under your control.

Thinking (which makes you feel like something you are not) and feeling (which makes you think you are something you are not)—these are the Game Plan of Darkness.

Anything that makes you feel good deceives you and creates instant conflict. It is difficult for most people to realize this because it is so easy to forget the truth about it, simply by feeling good again!

Feeling is used to deceive and control not just one person but the entire world.

This text is not a lesson in power; rather, it is intended to alert you and to help you to understand how to defend yourself against a very subtle aspect of life and death.

Strange as it may seem, men attempt to create (or re-create) themselves by entering into league with words. Words can become an environment to which we react, causing profound physiological and psychological changes to occur.

Sin is simply a process of “thinking and feeling oneself to death.” More often than not, study is a fascination, an unhealthy relationship with words, sounds and ideas.

It is a way of fondling images, concepts, and goals to get them to shape the ego nature, and to sustain that nature in a very special, selfish

and sensual way.

For example, before men become homosexuals, they are too fascinated with women (a mother or a wife, perhaps). It is their emotional and mental involvement with an image (of the female, in this case) which alters the nature at its core, and which makes them progressively like what has corrupted them.

Fallen man is more male than man, on his way to becoming female via excessive fascination with the opposite sex.

Why all this excessive fascination? It is partly due to a total fixation involving the relief of pleasure and ego reinforcement, and partly due to the little bit of her, now in him, that craves its source.

In his fallen state, man has forgotten true knowledge and lost his original identity of manhood. Corruption has introduced into him a woman’s identity that studies the woman in order to learn how to exist within the male.

Man wobbles on the edge of having no clear-cut identification as either male or female.

Riddled with guilt, the fallen identity tends to reject the reality of its failing. The soul accomplishes this rejection by fixating again and again to the corrupting source.

Through fixation, man receives reinforcement for his displaced self. Study can therefore become a distraction/re-creation phenomenon which relieves guilt as it reinforces the creature of pride.

The unhealthy fascination with any learning is the same as sensually fondling a woman to derive a false sense of completeness about what we believe we are becoming.

Once we are corrupted by tease or pressure, study and fascination become a reinforcing, degrading pleasure that feels like the good life. In this process we give all of our attention and devotion in exchange for what we think of as fulfillment.

But the moment of fulfillment is when the poison enters again, and the conflict (the sin) is again resolved through a fascination with something even more wrong.

Notice, in your relationship with any hang-up, a sensuous fondling process. If you are a smoker, you derive a feeling of pleasure from fondling a cigarette. You even fondle it in your thoughts.

Whatever it is that you aspire to be, there is a glorious feeling that rises from the involvement of your attention with your dreams. Your soul is somehow touched and rewarded for its attention.

There remains, after the pleasure of corruption has done its thing, an unhealthy physical and psychological devotion to whatever sustains the sense of pride and accomplishment.

Corruption regressively, physically sensitizes us to the external source of degradation. Being renewed in the ego sense is really being degraded in the Light of Reality. Indeed, the newly degraded, “glorious” self rises from the destruction of the original pure self.

Men who are rebelling against their awareness of an indwelling female identity often compensate by becoming “muscle men.” The macho identity is a compensation for sin, a price paid for their original fixation to females.

In rejecting the female image, they fashion themselves after other macho, apparently male creatures. Through their new fascination, they attempt to take on the fondled, studied image.

Criminal types are often compensating for their destruction and domination at the hands of mothers and wives.

"Here at the Foundation we are fighting to bring deeper meaning to words in order to reveal what is going on underneath."

They struggle hard against what they are secretly becoming through sex, and through violence with other men. Even their violence with one another is simply an unconscious process of evolving their adversary’s nature into themselves through sexual-emotional fixations.

Most super muscle men are women inside. Homosexuals may be well-built, powerful beings, rarely betraying what they are like inside.

Underneath the muscular layer of apparent manhood lurks a female nature. Homosexuality, the sexual fixation of male to male, is often the attempt to draw a male or father image from another’s presence.

What men lose to women they try to get back from one another, by teasing one another as women have teased them.

The human identity is molded from the soul out, either as a prideful creature or as a humble being. The humble being has its image (a God-identity) and the prideful ego must have its image, too.

The proclivity of each soul is bound to hear and believe in either the word of language or the “wordless Word” of understanding, as the basis for its existence.

If we conform and fail to compensate, we literally take on the environmental nature. A bookworm looks like an intellectual, speaks and acts like one. People actually begin to take on the appearance of their pet dogs and cats.

Here at the Foundation we are fighting to bring deeper meaning to words in order to reveal what is going on underneath.

When we do not have understanding—God’s nature with his programming and purpose for us—then we have the nature of sin. Thoughts talk to us like the serpent in the garden.

Thought is the spirit of knowledge speaking through its new home in our imagination. As long as we believe that voice is our own conscience, we will continue to fail.

Following that leading leads to all manner of sexual involvements and pathetic rebellions from which the indwelling image draws life.

Pride comes into this world with an affinity for misleading words because man’s original failure came through falling for the lie of knowledge.

Coming down to accept the word that promised to make him god, man was parted from true knowing and life. A sensuous life sprang up around the words and spirit of deceit.

Truth saves you from the grip of imagination and the power of seduction. If you will not function from understanding, then by default you function from emotion and doubt.

You are now coming from, and going to, the wrong place. Stubbornly committed to the selfish life, you become afraid to understand, and your only recourse is to seek refuge in words.

Words stir up images in the mind and stimulate the flesh of the selfish spirit. Words draw the soul into a shadowy dream state where beastly alterations of its nature occur— changes which we are afraid to bring to the Light.

Pure language is the most dangerous hypnotic force in the world. But words charged with understanding can modify the impact of words and lead you away from the tangles of flesh and intrigue.

You experience the release of true meaning realized, the moment words translate back into meaning. You lose your fascination with “experts” and “education.”

It isn’t that you won’t be educated. On the contrary, understanding will become your education. The only education that has any value is the kind that brings you back to dignity.

The dehumanized products of our system of education are a sad commentary on the state of academia. Instead of drawing out their better natures, education slaps external learning on our children like a coat of veneer.

Educators, far from knowing best, understand least! The young are pressured to abandon their own commonsense unfoldment to accept the educators as models of pride.

It becomes the children’s “duty” to sin, to take their inspiration from those whores who have modeled themselves after those who have modeled themselves after others before them—all the way back to the very beginning of time and destiny when the serpent of old seduced Adam with the first Fruit of Knowledge, re-creating the first pair in his image.