Long Live The King

Roy Masters

There is no need to win this war against evil that dwells in the hearts of men and women—just don’t lose by responding and thus being drawn into its game. By this I mean do not give way to resentment and anger—don’t lose your cool.

Forbear to give way to rage because anger and fear-based doubt are two sides of the same coin. Never intimidate or be intimidated and you will confound the savage beast. 

Never forget that you actually embolden bullies when you become resentful, angry, annoyed, aggravated, upset and irritated. Do not be surprised if bullies initially react to your calm patience with escalating fierceness—hoping to tempt you to resent and thus become their prey by simply acting worse than they did initially.

Hold steady in the face of that escalation-reaction to your non-reaction—and they will feel as though they have hit a brick wall. And so instead of the bad in them penetrating you, the good in you will penetrate their evil and give them a severe case of psychic indigestion—and perchance help them.

Bullies are empowered only when you lose your cool, but they feel threatened when you calmly refuse to play their game. 

Lacking in grace, a bully’s power comes only through frightening their prey with a fierce look and a display of roaring rage. But when such glaring hate backfires, it changes to fear—as it might with you—making them feel puzzled and often respectful.

Either way you control the outcome by not reacting. 

The reason why Muslim terrorists hate Americans is because their upbringing of hate causes deep fear. An appeasing America emboldens the warlike savage.

They are trying to overcome their terrible fears with degrading hatred, something you are familiar with in your personal struggles with cruelty.

For what it is worth, faith-based courage is not always polite. 

This war whereof I speak is required in the final battle between good and evil. Americans who through faith are neither hate-driven nor fear-driven will win the day. 

Overreaction (or the new norm of polite under-reaction, your fearful servitude and appeasement)—will surely be the downfall of the United States. True faith is essential to prevent another Dark Age. 

If we overcome others with hatred, then we will have become what we hated

If we are wise and God-centered, there will be a different outcome. The terrorists must overcome their fear by hating us more, hoping to terrify us into submission.

But this tactic will be doomed to fail if it is met by our indomitable strength of character that never loses its cool. 

But remember this well: this enemy has an evil agenda, so there must be neither negotiation nor mercy of any kind. They cannot tolerate peace because the only way they know to conquer their fear is by magnifying ours. 

Therefore let us find grace and moral fortitude to end them long before they annihilate us. We must not wait for them to decimate our population. Such hesitation is a sure sign of weakness. 

For if we overcome others with hatred, then we will have become what we hated—the king is dead long live the king. 

God will deliver enemies to us, but not before we have attained the appropriate stature which will enable not our own judgment, but God’s, to prevail.

Our enemies are now trying to frighten us with weapons of mass disruption. Warren Rudman, former Republican Senator, predicted many years ago what is happening today.

He reminded the public on Fox News that we had better do a better job of protecting our borders. Otherwise we shall have havoc here in the USA. 

Drugs are now the least of our concerns. Open borders, and legal immigration has been a tactic of war by our elected political betrayers. Liberals set us up to fall for socialism, and were surprised when Muslim terrorists got into the act. 

Politicians continually reassure us that America need not worry about this war against terrorism, because, they say, we are strong in our values. On the contrary, if we were strong in values we would always have been vigilant—and our enemies would not have become so dangerously emboldened. 

Obedience is the result of force. As far back as we can go in history, we discover that obedience to a new ruler has come about entirely through the exercise of greater force on the part of those new rulers than was exercised by the old one.

A population overridden and conquered by war is obedient to its conqueror because its conqueror has exerted more force.