Perilous World Radio 01/05/24

Life Is A Mouse Trap!

Husband and wife Alan and Jan Masters co-host today's show. Life provides a constant temptation—a trap to capture the unaware. Alan and Jan explain how and why it has been set up that way. The key is what happens after we are caught in the trap. How do we respond? There are so many opportunities in life to examine ourselves.

The show expands into several areas, including the nature of "freedom"--are we really free, and if not, how do we become free? And what happens when we are hurt? Do we admit it to ourselves or to God? As Roy Masters famously said, "Feel the hurt, but NOT the hate." This is one of the key truths in life for those who seek freedom.

Caller Mark has been hurt in life and dealing with it is a challenge for him, as it is for most everyone. Alan and Jan counseled him, and he intends to call back with an update. To find true love—to heal the hurt—we need to seek the Father. Roy Masters' "Be Still and Know" meditation is an amazing tool to help us do just that.

We want to thank all who have donated to help the FHU (Foundation of Human Understanding) continue our work helping to save souls. As Jan said in the show, it takes a lot to run the organization, with all the processes, people, and time. It has been harder and harder to keep the message of Roy Masters going. TO DONATE TO THE FHU CLICK HERE. We appreciate all you are able to do. 


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