Life Draining People... Is Someone Stealing Your Energy?

Roy Masters

Why do we feel exhausted around certain people? The answer to this question goes way beyond the power of medical science to comprehend or ever cure.

Psychic vampires not only exist, they abound. They could be a close friend, a family member, doctor, minister or a nest of bureaucratic vampires in different phases of consumption -- known as big government.

About 40 years ago, I had a student minister, a pleasant, mild-mannered older man who joined me in order to devote his life to helping others. I eventually made him vice president of the Foundation.

It was not long before reports would come to me, that when this man would speak in my place, the audience would complain of coming away more exhausted than uplifted. I, too, noticed an anxiety about going to my Los Angeles office -- I felt drained. 

One day a friend came by with an electronically-charged photographic plate that demonstrated the energy field emanating around the fingertips. We all had varying degrees of light emanations, except this man -- he had nothing!

As soon as I realized what was happening, I dismissed the man and my strength returned. I shudder to think that he could have one day displaced me as chairman. 

Before the time of enlightenment and God’s fulfillment, we fantasize about worshipful love. Hearing our cries, “they” rise as if in answer to our prayers. We open up our hearts and invite them into our homes; lest we invite them in, they cannot feed.

"Psychic vampires not only exist, they abound."

Realizing the horror in hindsight is dangerously upsetting, because resentment provides the very life-sacrifice upon which they feed.

You hunger to fill the void with food, sex, excitement, and when all fails, you sleep and when you awaken, you may find yourself playing the role of psychic vampire --- eating out your family’s substance.

Is your energy being drained? It all begins with an outward search for love’s fulfillment.

Then comes that special someone who seems destined to serve you. Alas, an inordinate fascination for their fix soon becomes an irresistible demand on your energy.

If you stubbornly cling and hold false hope for their love, you will pay dearly with your life.

Behind the obliging face lurks a veiled threat of ugly consequences should you fail to degrade yourself for their pleasure.

Look now into your childhood and see what parent or sibling has set you up for a future with kindred bloodsuckers.

Seeking salvation through medical science for this condition will surely compound your dilemma and possibly lead to financial ruin.