Lies On Every Level

Roy Masters

There is an ongoing, planned war against common sense. The goal is to displace our loyalties from the God of American liberty to a dark, alien political system, known today as socialism.

This is a war that takes place on two fronts, one of which involves you and everyone alive.

Every internal conflict you have is the evidence of an internal war between what you are becoming, through overreacting, and the person you could be if you didn’t overreact.

Resentment toward injustice reverses the natural order of self-control, from within your soul to, and in favor of, the intimidator. Hostility disconnects you from your common sense and reconnects you to the source of injustice — manipulation.

Such an internal disconnect serves a deviant political purpose. Emotions that are subject to common sense are vital to the preservation of personal and national sovereignty.

By intensifying emotional extremes of love and hate, the free spirit of both man and nation is lost. By way of sophisticated mass media techniques, the minds and hearts of entire populations have been compromised.

Very few people will ever be aware of the subtle changes in their loyalties after one decade of exposure to America’s mass media. Many people are becoming communists at heart while still believing they are Americans.

Sixty years of subversion is being realized right here in the United States, the last bastion of common sense.

"Lies, on every level, have programmed America to become mentally ill"

Albert Einstein once said, “No problem can be solved at the same level of awareness that created it.” The opposing forces of good and evil operate at different levels of consciousness, one from within and above and the other from without and below.

In much the same way the sickest family member often rises to the top to rule many generations. So does evil rise to power in nations of demoralized people.

Like the Wizard of Oz pulling strings behind the curtain, social engineers are running this world into the ground. Hard-working people support the lazy. Conservatives are maligned in the media while those who hate our nation party.

Those doing the most good struggle to exist, while leeches thrive as the wealthiest non-profits in America. Turning our emotions against us, socialists work to extinguish mankind’s free and noble spirit.

All the suffering that ever was or ever will be comes from without and below. We all contribute, by overreacting to subtle psycho-

political pressures heaped upon all of us.

There is method in this madness. Injustice, cruelty and shock are employed to serve one main purpose. Someone wants to unbalance the nation, forcing us all to connect to the without-and-below, the antithesis of common sense.

Another way of saying this is that resentment causes us to doubt our common sense, compelling us against the indwelling will of common sense. Excuses become an evolution of lies explaining away what they made us do.

Lies, on every level, have programmed America to become mentally ill, dependent upon pharmaceuticals to correct fictitious “chemical imbalances.” In this way your corrupt lifestyle is preserved and you go on getting worse, thinking that science will save you.