Perilous World Radio 01/30/24

Let GOD Be The Judge

Husband and wife team Alan and Jan Masters host today's Perilous World Radio show. The show starts with Alan commenting on the "gazillion" E-Pamphlets written by his father Roy Masters, and available at (look in the top menu). Alan read from the pamphlet "The Key to All Knowledge," and it is profound! There is a trust we can have that the Spirit will give us what to say (or not say) in any moment. We don't have to memorize, or hold onto knowledge.

The "Be Still and Know" meditation exercise ( as taught by Roy Masters helps us to "practice the presence" and find the inner stillness that guides us in an effortless way. 

Caller Johnny from South Dakota spoke of how beautiful it was to hear Roy Masters speaking to a man who called for help. There was an authentic quality to the way Roy dealt with the man, different than the way another man who imitates Roy deals with callers. There is a difference between the real and the counterfeit that the Spirit helps us discern.

Caller Mark from Southern California called in with a follow-up to a previous call. He has been dealing with trauma, rage, and not feeling that he's worthy of being helped by God. Mark said that when he looks in the mirror he sees something ugly. Alan told him the rage was NOT him, and he and Jan encouraged Mark to endure patiently through stillness. "Ever try to get a squatter out?" said Jan. 

Men have often had bad experiences with women in their lives, starting with their mothers. They go on to have bad relationships with women, until they understand the cause of their issue, and are willing to forgive. "He who is without sin cast the first stone!" is a recurring theme in today's show. Jan commented that, "ALL illicit sexuality is underpinned by hatred."

There is also a lamenting on today's show in the "Chat" of the "destruction of America." Alan remarks that Biden has welded the "gate" open for illegal aliens to enter—many of whom are likely here to do us harm—much like the Devil has welded the gate to temptation open. He says that "evil is in your face" now—which is true in America, but also true that "evil is in your face" as caller Mark said he sees when looking in the mirror. 

Jan says that ultimately, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone," and if we "Let go and let God, we will be free." We must forgive.

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