Language and Faith

Roy Masters from ‘The Secret Power of Words’

Language can be treacherous and dangerous beyond belief. It is the purpose of this written word to alert you to the pitfalls of mere rhetoric.

Take the matter of faith: religion is supposed to set us on the path toward God. Let us take, in particular, faith in a noble religion like Christianity (which can indeed do what it claims) and see how perverted its teachings can become when understanding of the Bible is intellectualized.

The first deadly sin of the spoken word is that which bids us to study and concentrate on “holy writing” in order

to acquire understanding and the salvation of the Lord. But was not the quest for knowledge the very sin that led to our fall?

If we heed the poison in this advice, and give credence to the spoken or written word instead of trying to understand the reality it seeks to awaken us to, we simply duplicate the original sin.

In order for the skilled wordmonger to control your mind, he must first seduce you away from the counter-influence of your own understanding.

There are many tricks he can use to lead you into a state of doubt and confusion, the main one being to induce you to reach for a promise of glory and power equal to the godhead, a state in which you can do no wrong.

In order to hang onto the belief in your “godliness,” you must be made to doubt the reality that says it isn’t so. That reality, once doubted, becomes almost impossible for you to believe again.

You see it as the lie, in place of the lie that made you doubt it. You can no longer believe or accept it; you even see it as a threat. You become a victim soul, whose only belief system is the relationship between you and the words of your seducer.

Through your relationship with deceit, you undergo emotional, mental, physical, animal changes. Through this connection, also, come the suggestions that lead your changeling being to calamity.

the only way to freedom and salvation is to have faith in the understanding in your heart.

If you are lucky (blessed), you may wake up one day and see that you have been betrayed. You see all those wonderful dreams, goals, and nice people for what they are.

It doesn’t matter whether your ambition is “socially acceptable” or downright illegal and immoral; the lie blinds you equally well either way.

The end result in either case is betrayal, disappointment, disillusionment, guilt, rage, depression, unhappiness, and frustration. But if deceit can be used to make us set aside reality and encourage our pursuit of the forbidden, it can be used again to “save” us from guilt.

Perhaps it is time now to turn to religion and salvation from sin; and here is where we are in danger of falling to the guile of the serpent again.

Remember that the original problem was doubt, a doubt engendered by our separation from understanding through the leading of words. When the serpent speaks to your soul, he uses words in a very special way, to deceive, to get you caught up with those words instead of with “the enemy”—understanding.

He wants you to concentrate too hard, to memorize scripture or learning of whatever kind, to block your understanding, and to make you the victim of an institutional power structure that has its roots in hell. Remember, the only way to freedom and salvation is to have faith in the understanding in your heart.