Perilous World Radio 01/24/24

Is WORDED Prayer Necessary?

Dianne Masters hosts today's Perilous World Radio show. She is seeing God's hand in everything—from the world of politics to the situations in our personal lives. Appreciation and attitude are the keys to living a happy life.

Dianne asked her dad (Roy Masters) if (worded) prayer is necessary. He said it is not, and that when you see you are wrong in the moment, you are forgiven. Dianne says that His will is showing you when he wants to, and it is for us to appreciate. She also said that a big key is not to judge. And speaking up is a great way to alleviate judgment. 

Dianne also speaks about freeing kids to do for themselves, discover their talents, and thrive. She hopes to help inspire a nation (America) to get back to the basics of faith ("don't doubt!"), hard work, and love of life! This is an inspiring dream, and all people of goodwill want this kind of resurgence for our country and our world.

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