Inside Out

David Masters

Transformation Happens When Your Life is turned Inside-Out

In a world of constant economic and technological changes, people are increasingly required to be innovative, creative, and flexible. This is why, to thrive, you have to learn how to think in a completely new way. 

Most people leave education with no idea what their real abilities are or what they can potentially do. Why? Because until now, most people's minds have been trapped in a bog of conditioning and programming. What if you could instantly and effortlessly slip the chains of your current mindset?

To find the key that will unlock these chains, you must find a way to delve deep into your mind, traveling down the dark corridors below your clever words. You must find a way to bring the inside out.

But first, you must be genuinely curious. Do you look in the mirror and wonder who you are... and why you were put here on earth. Do not be in a hurry to accept the answers your mind will offer up. Simply wonder as you proceed in your life. Do not resent being lost.

If you are ready to unlock the inherent creativity that exists in you, then you have to start with a genuine challenge. Stop doing things to please others. Question everything, but not with a vengeance---with curiosity.

"You are meant to find that purpose by being willing to be led in a very special way."

If you are not afraid to see, with time, life will become meaningful again. If you are frightened by what you see, simply look at the fear for what hides behind the fear is what must come out.

Why is it essential to tap your creativity? Because God created you as a unique human being for a real and valuable purpose. It is not up to you to decide what that purpose is.

You are meant to find that purpose by being willing to be led in a very special way. He sends a shepherd to lead you, but only if you are willing to follow.

The McKinsey Quarterly published a study called "The War for Talent." It asked 6,000 executives from 400 companies what they considered to be their biggest challenge as they face the future.

The most crucial problem they said was finding people who could make the right decisions in times of uncertainty, who can adapt to new opportunities and respond creatively to change.

To become such a unique person, you must have the courage to be led back to where you got lost as a child.

For then you will see things in a simple way that reveals creative solutions and separates good from evil.