Illusions Of Pride

Roy Masters from 'Adam and Eve Sindrome'

It is an unworthy self that seeks to preserve or acquire a sense of worth with all the wrong people. You can never, ever be at peace.

You begin to fear being alone; having nothing to cling to is like not existing. Alone with your true self, you must see that you are not what you think you are; you are a shadowy, evil thing.

Alone, without the tease of love and the tease of cruelty, you fall apart. As long as you are emotional and selfish, you cannot experience anything without evolving the sick nature of pride.

Until the soul is committed to seek the purpose for which is was created and abandons the struggle to know itself as God, then it is bound to one trauma-serving devil after another, devils that awaken the soul to the sensuous dream of pride.

You must be involved; you must escape for the relief of guilt and to trigger the evolution of the ego creature apart from God as god itself. If you are not committed right, then you’ve committed wrong. If you don’t have a true soul mate, you are stuck with a cellmate.

Where can you find a balanced relationship?

Where there is a selfish need, there is only unbecoming use. There can be no balance, because true balance is lost when you selfishly “fall in love”; you really fall “from” what that love is all about.

You never become what you think. You become a dog instead of a god. There is this dog, this creature self you don’t want to face. The light of reality is ever present to show you what a dog you are. But escape, you must, and so you slip into something more comfortable.

This something reinforces the dog self in you as if it were the god self—ape as though it were a man.

Now you see it, now you don’t. It is a magical vicious cycle to which all self-seeking souls are chained. It is a nature all beguilers can manipulate.

"true balance is lost when you selfishly “fall in love”; you really fall 'from' what that love is all about."

They understand the weakness for evil of both men and women. They understand the original love affair with lies. Man’s prideful craving for the female ground of being need only be exploited and expanded to achieve total control over mankind.

Madison Avenue understands the female-based, evilcentered God game. They know that the secret way to a man’s

mind is through a woman’s body.

The Serpent in the Garden is the present-day snake in the grass. The sensual body is the manifestation of the failing of the soul. The body evolves and rises each time the soul fails.

Since the soul’s failing has separated it from its true ground of being, it becomes subject to the forces and feelings growing up in the body. As the body becomes subject to the conditions of the world, so is the soul manacled to a woman’s tease.

Then where do you find the balance? Your need for others represents a selfishness, a prideful selfish use of a person to fulfill an unconscious ancient purpose. When you are involved in people, places, and things for illusions of pride, there can only be unbalance and the evolution of death through tragedy.

Pride is dependent on the devil for its security. When you are motivated by pride, you cease to exist as a child of the light. You become earthy and sensual—old, diseased, and ugly.

You are feverishly committed to forever running from the truth of what you have become, selfishly abusing yourself with everything you can, giving yourself over more and more completely to exchange the “lie” of truth for the “truth” of lies and the false life that rises from lies.

Your only choice is between the fleshpot of escape and the cold light of reality. You reach away from one to find the other. You make love to life and life makes love to you.

Tempting people to tempt you is the experience you crave, a little bit of death coming “alive.”

Every commitment you make to your food, your women, your wine, your country—everything that is not based upon a commitment to your Creator first—is a selfish commitment in the secret service of selfishness, and only the devil will play along.

He will give you gold stars and Brownie buttons for dumb loyalties.