If I Were God...

Roy Masters from 'Cure Stress'

“If I were God,” you may think secretly, “I could never forgive me for what I have done, so how could He possibly forgive me?”

Do you judge the judgment upon yourself in hopes of rising higher than the judgment upon you—much as you do when you anticipate, or “judge,” the judgments of other people to get above them?

If so, you judge the judgment upon yourself that would not be judgment had you not believed and judged that way in your heart, all because you vainly attributed your shortcomings to your Creator as though no greater justice and mercy than your own existed in this universe.

It is imperative that you have the right intent before practicing meditation. For meditation is a special discipline designed to express the potential pattern of an enlightened reason.

When we have found the light that we should consciously and earnestly seek, we must then dramatize it in our lives. Knowing and doing are two separate things that now must be made one.

"A pure intent awakens us to a new level of awareness that makes available to us a new power."

So our motive must be to seek reality first and then to extend that special knowing through the practice of meditation. But not just any kind of meditation. The truth must have a truthful way of expressing.

If your motive is not right, you are in danger of becoming locked to or fixated upon the words or the method, and it then becomes hypnosis.

If you do not match the proper method to the true knowing, you will block the pathway of expression. When both motive and technology match, you flower and grow; there is no frustration and no fear or worry over the reappearance of old conditions that are played back for correction.

A pure intent awakens us to a new level of awareness that makes available to us a new power, containing an information value to remold our minds and redirect our lives from within.