Hypnotic Christianity?

Roy Masters

Will emotional believers ever find God?

When a person can be hypnotized to think they are Napoleon, then surely it is possible to trick the masses into believing they are saved.

If you have survived the pressures that would convert you to a false salvation, you can see clearly how misguided others are. Since you can see what is controlling them, you can also see that they are not your enemy, but what controls them is.

How can you be confused and upset with them after you realize this? You will be patient with them, knowing that what got inside them wants you to react with resentment so that it can get inside you also.

You will soon stop doubting yourself when you realize this and feel confident in the natural faith with which you were born.

Trusting that wordless-knowing enables you to see truly, and believe truly, in what the light in your heart reveals. True faith fails when the babble of prayerful repetition gets in the way of the heart’s wordless message

“There is true life in this

wordless-knowing, and

holding fast

is the true faith.”

There is true life in this wordless-knowing and holding fast is the true faith. Then, God rewards you with stronger faith and patience for things to come. Faith is the basis of patience, and patience appears as a non-response to the world.

It separates you from taking shape from evil as it joins, and then strengthens, your relationship to God, who can be trusted to reveal things as they really are.

Waiting in the shadows and watching for the first sign of your wavering is that other god, whose words cause you to read false meanings into everything and makes sure you react like a wind-up toy.

Alas for those of you who live by emotion and therefore fail to see clearly. You believe falsely, and that false belief separates you from Reality. Up pops resentment and impatience with your fellow beings.

A wrong self grows up inside you that thrives on judgment and is ashamed of the Light.

Everything that goes wrong with your life does so as the result of a misguided faith. Angry emotion lies at the root of disbelief and self-doubt.

Conversely, doubt causes the emotions that intensify hopeless despair. Even though the holy writ is in itself pure, a rigid “by the book faith” will dull your outlook and perception of what is real so that you are excited into believing that you are saved when you are not.

Salvation is blocked by excitement or intense study when it can come only through the stillness of the receptive heart.

Even when you believe in the worst — and you do so compulsively — you cannot make yourself disbelieve it.

After all, you have become a sensual believer. Therefore, when others assure you that all will be well, and you know it is a lie, what choice do you have but to cling to it because it is all you have.