The Passion - How To Win The Culture War

Roy Masters

Why has the Christian majority, the rightful heirs, been losing the culture war in their own Christian nation? What is lacking in Christians that allows a minority of elitists to take away this country's unique hard-won freedoms; surely there are more than enough of you to change the course of modern America's emerging toxic culture. 

Pressed up against the ropes and lacking knowledge of their wicked mind games, confounding media assaults have overwhelmed all too many Christians. How are we to defend against the use of the time-tested techniques that social engineers have been using to remake America? They are "freeing" young people through license - in other words, to sin. 

Capitalizing on youth's rebellious base impulses, they have liberated many from their inborn commonsense values. Defensive and hence suggestible, they soon become vulnerable to those who then rise to help them believe the worst about the best, and conversely, the best about the worst. Pummel away at responsible American's; ridicule noble leaders, while glorifying any irresponsibility, then, all at once, those who are freed to sin, will become slaves, enjoying every minute of their slavery. 

"Perception is not always reality."

Fortunately, there is a stress immunity response inherent in the perfected Christian faith. We clearly observe in Mel Gibson's, "The "Passion," Christ a perfected example; a man courageously out-spoken and patiently enduring the consequences without resenting or hating his tormentors.

Were this mystery better understood and mastered in our daily lives; the hearts of our children would indeed "return to their fathers" as their fathers come to God.

Through the ages, negative "perception shells" have surrounded those who have tried to "blow the whistle" preventing us from hearing the deeper meaning of Christ's life-saving messages. 

Surrounding a decent person with a bad image suffocates the social worth of the good and allows the wicked to rise to power. We can see how the media tries to damage the credibility of Mel Gibson in order to stop you from going to see a film whose purpose is to show Jesus in His true light. 


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