How To "Un-Cause" A Disease

Roy Masters

Because it is always falling, the body keeps on developing mental, emotional and physical crutches (compensations) which include excuses

and antibodies, but we can employ just so many compensations before we experience guilt and some form of identification.

All compensations bring on guilt and depression after they have been milked of their comfort value; so all compensations—being the wrong way to recover— cause fear, depression, peculiarities of character and, finally, a tendency to yield to (identify with) the source of that comfort, and that includes the tendency to surrender to an illness.

It is not unusual to develop a fear of recovery and to use the security of sickness to protect us from the guilt of getting “well.” We can be afraid to get well for various reasons. We may sense we will not be well in the right way, or it may seem too much of a temptation to be “well”; we may realize we don’t know how to recover graciously without feeling smug and conceited; or we fear the new troubles into which our “improved

state” will inexorably be led.

Then we start building mental blocks and resistance to medication.

Leukemia: When Antibodies Take Over

Since we are always falling, there can come a time when our blood is so saturated with compensations that there is no more room for new antibodies to form.

This, added to the guilt of being unconsciously afraid to compensate, can take away our will to live, as well as the ability to survive. Here it would seem nobler to die (yield) than to live and suffer greater guilt, for death appears to offer us lost dignity, the hope of rest

and peace from the hopeless agony of struggling for survival.

Many blood diseases result from the blood being so loaded that the antibodies themselves become a threat to the body. When they become the invader and no further counteractives can be produced, they begin to assert their “natural” right to exist as independent life forms.

Assisted by the feeble body resistance, they evolve devouring blood components for food. This reproducing and evolving in classic antibody style results in one form of disease we call leukemia.

Another leukemia variation in children or childlike people is caused by a mother’s psychic emotional need, converting the life processes of the child to feed the mother’s “love” hunger. This process will be discussed fully in the following chapter on cancer.

Bacteria are naturally endowed by God to resist assault by anything—new drugs, vaccines and anything else man can devise—because in compensating, bacteria are in accord with their purpose and not in conflict. Instead of being destroyed, they adapt and rise above and thrive to stand on the very stresses that will kill them if they don’t.

They can evolve up through the environment and get “high,” but we cannot. We are on the way back where they came from.

When natural living things recover from a stress condition, they are always advanced. People are diminished.

The natural life which rises up out of stress to meet new stress rests on what stressed it to grow— but for us, the direction is down and away from the Light of Truth.

"We should never be upset, excited or run-down. Meeting stress with the Light of Grace will always be sufficient protection."

Rising Up to Sink Even Lower

Without Grace to resist temptation and natural stresses, our reaction is one of fear and resentment, derived from the threat rather than from Inner Grace. Thus, when we rise up to overcome, we really fall and are diminished.

We should never be upset, excited or run-down. Meeting stress with the Light of Grace will always be sufficient protection. The higher we get, the lower we fall and the less we can cope with life at the fallen level. We have learned to cultivate anger and fear to get high enough to fight—but that is where we fall down and become smaller than our enemy, exciting him to evolve over us.

All the time we are deceived that we are growing and advancing as creatures do. Remember, we are on the way down. Each reaction

brings us into a newer low, and in this lower realm we attempt to rise up against the smaller things that now threaten us, with fear and anger.

Resist evil (or people, germs, disease or whatever) with hate, impatience or resentment, and you only help them conquer. From your resentment (resistance), the opposing forces draw their strength.

Judgment and resentment of others is a way of life that leads us captive into trouble and woe. And then through our resentment towards that situation, we serve the rest of ourselves up to the sickness.

What is of nature, if it is not destroyed, is excited and strengthened by our thrashing around. While natural things flourish in the presence of excitement and threat, we are always diminished and suffer conflict in the bargain.

It would be an excellent idea to thumb through some of my articles that describe in depth these principles of how resentment gives power to the enemy. You would see more clearly how such primitive (ungracious) resistance furnishes power to anyone or anything

to destroy us.

Try to understand also how the ego is involved in a false sense of growth.

Hating the Diseased Part

When you have tried to abuse a part of your anatomy (for ego pleasure or escape), you can derive an additional “value” by resenting that diseased part when it breaks down. But here too the abused and rejected member gets its life value as well as the upper


It maintains its antagonistic independent role from your hostility—so you stay sick.