How To Believe and Have Faith

Roy Masters from "How To Conquer Suffering Without Doctors"

The greatest obstacle to learning is knowledge. Your life depends on the way you believe, how you accept or reject facts and philosophical truths.

There are two ways to believe and learn: a right and a wrong way. The wrong way is prevalent, because it feeds the ego side of us.

If you see onlyone way of learning, it is because you have lost understanding, and the false way of learning and knowing is all that

remains with which to comprehend.

Your intellect is impressionable two ways: It can receive education from the outside in or from the inside out. Unlike

animals, your human identity is uniquely endowed with a consciousness that can be sensitive to what I term understanding.

But the strictly animal mind is externally informed and motivated by outer pressure. Whenever your soul, for reasons of pride, rejects understanding, you, like the animal counterpart, become insensitive to the deep mystical way of knowing and responding.

Consequently you become totally suggestible to social pressures. Happily, when you begin yearning for understanding, you become objective, regaining that special sensitivity that can be educated from within.

"Happily, when you begin yearning for understanding,

you become objective,"

Since you were created to serve a higher purpose than your own, you must be prepared for that purpose by its Author, and no one can teach or train you for that, because that is the way of understanding.

If you fail to realize this fact, it is because you have a huge ego playing God, and that prideful inclination has blinded you to realizing anything by The Reality greater than you. In other words, your ego tends to shut down its sensibility and lose its capacity to be informed about life and about itself.

You thus are immunized against understanding about your errors. If you can't understand such a simple thing, it is because you won't understand.

You see, understanding destroys illusions and prevents you from playing the God role. Understanding also brings to mind all the mistakes you have made in life; hence it is a threat or a discomforting inconvenience.

If you will allow it, understanding can become a total education from within, from above: the kind every sincere person seeks but cannot find because a faulty education system blocks the way.

Long before you can recognize it, understanding bothers you as conscience. Your inner conflicts exist because youhave been motivated strictly by the information you have received from the authority of environment.

You have become lopsided and neurotic in your development. Guilt, anxiety, fear, depression, and illness all point to the fact that you are being motivated by pressures other than those that spring from the deep well of understanding.